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  • lack of intelligence?
  • Shoes? Because it's true. :p
  • 1.) Hands. 2.) Socks/Shoes. 3.) Boy. 4.) Penis? Do you want me to say penis because I'm noticing theres only five underscores there. I never really fell for that sterotype, but heard it loads. My family is very tall so they need to have big feet to blance their abnormally long bodies, by believing that sterotype I'd have to admit to my cousins and uncles to having a big penis...and I'd prefer not to even think about them that way (suppose I just did, but I'm burning the memory as I speak, er, type).
  • being big over all increases likely hood of any given part of the body being big... but there is no specific link between feet or hands to the penis... what determines the relative size of feet and hands is bone structure. "The only mammal species without baculum (penis bone) are the humans, horses, donkeys, rhinoceros, marsupials, rabbits, cetaceans (whales and dolphins), elephants and hyenas." being on that list sayes that bone structure would have no effect on relative penis size
  • It's a myth perpetuated by those guys with big hands and big feet who can't find girls. As in all such myths, there are those for which it's truthful, and those for which it isn't. ;-)
  • The people who perpetuated this myth were probably men. Men are notoiously egocentric about penis size as a rule, for some reason. Check this web page out (it's refreshingly honest):

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