• Adoption. I wouldn't do it unless you're willing to share your child with this person after the "frienship" no longer exists.
  • maybe an adoption here... if the laws of your country are ok with it.
  • How old is the child, how long have you been with your partner and where is the father? You can have your partner adopt your child. Or you can have the name changed by deed poll. But, how can you be sure that the relationship is going to last and why would you want your child to have a different name to you?
  • I'm not sure you'd be able to go through with this legally without your partner marrying you and/or adopting your child.
  • why would u want to? The only way that I know of is by adopting or putting them on the birth certificate as the father & if you do that & your friendship ends they would have rights to your child & could possibly take your child from you later. Does the baby have its fathers name? If so unless he signs over his rights I doubt he'd want you to change the babies name
  • I would suggest you take time to really think about the name change. Is your child old enough to speak up if he doesn't want his name changed? Have you talked to him about why you want to change his name? Please think about how changing his name may affect his feelings toward his father. Does his father play an active roll in his life? You have two options: 1.) Go through the adoption process where your partner becomes a LEGAL parent, the same as you and can make any life decisions for your child. Your childs father will either have to sign over his parental rights or you will have to prove to the courts he is not capable of being a parent. You will also have to prove your partner IS capable of providing/caring for your child. 2.) Go to the courthouse and ask to file for a name change only (for a child). This is the easiest process and the least expensive. It doesn't give your partner any rights to the child. The child would only share the last name. Someone asked in another answer, why do you want your child to have your partners name, different from yours? Ask yourself this question before you make any decisions. Why would you want to give your child your partner name when you are not even married? Your child is yours forever no matter what the name is!!:)
  • i want my daughter to have my boyfriends sir name but not for a long time, i want us to be married for a while first
  • Look toward the future...consider hyphenating the last name of your child. Not only is it trendy to do so now, but you may find it an intelligent decision in the future. It is very possible your child will thank you later..... Just a thought... Teresa
  • Why would you do this??? You aren't even ready to commit to marriage but you will change your child's identity? Your child is not a pawn.
  • If you don't trust your partner enough to marry him, why do you want to trust him enough to change your child's name to his?
  • You have to petition the court. Preferably the court that ordered your full custody. You will also have to prove it is in your child's best interest.
  • 4-26-2017 Forget it. It's a total drag for a kid to reach military age and not know for sure what his name is.

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