• What kind of car do you have?? I have a 2004 Accord and I've noticed the same thing. When I first turn it on it idle at 1500 RPMs but after a minute or so, or if I turn it on and it's still warm it idles around 900 RPMs. The only thing I can think of is that it idles higher at the start to warm up the engine. Combustion engines run at maximum efficency at a certain temperature. Being "heavy chevy," my guess is that you have a chevy something. My old car was a 1998 pontiac sunfire (also GM) and I had an idling problem as well. When it would idle it would pulse between around 900 and 1200 RPMs. The check engine light came on and I needed the EGR valve replaced. You might want to check this out. Hope this helps!
  • Idling high I have a 1987 buick lesabre 3.8 fuel injection
  • For most vehicles, this is normal starting procedures. I would wait about 3 minutes, until the rpms lower to 900, before going into gear. it could damage your transmission. The engine in an automobile, is like the heart in a human. both need time to "warm-up", before going into gear. Your engine will last longer, if you do. And, so will your heart.
  • My 91 Buick lesabre is in the same shape, I have replaced the TPS, cleaned the throttle and plate, replaced the alternator, I have 2 parts left to try the Idle control valve and the mass air flow sensor, i came across an article that may help with idle issues by Larry Hammer at im going to try it and see if this resolves the issue.
  • maybe you should have a mechanic look at it

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