• Drive-In for a nice banana split.
  • I'm at a disadvantage since we rarely go out to eat..that's because I love to cook. I've never been in a "dive". I thought "drive-ins" were a thing of the know, carhops on skates bringing you food on a tray that you hooked over the door..we've never had a favorite diner. Now, there is one place in our neighborhood that we tried out when my son was here visiting us in early June..It is called "Rubio's" and it features healthy, fresh, Mexican food..we all loved it..each of us had something different and tasted one another's..delicious. So that is definitely a "favorite" is also our only one so far! :)
  • KFC i love the chicken strips.:-)+
  • Fat Tuesdays in Fairfax virginia On thursdays it was college night so they had this special call the paddle sandwich. It was a 2 foot hoagie bun streched over a fraturnaty paddle and was filled with different things each week. one week it was philly steak, the next burger the next an italian sub and so on. The best thing about it was during happy hour it was $4.95 and would feed a table of 4 drunks very well. Too bad I moved away.
  • Diner? Does Steak 'n Shake or Soda Fountain Square count? Drive-in...the only one close is Sonic...we go there occasionally. Dive? Well, I think about small, local chain or "hole-in-the-wall"...that would be our favorite Mexican restaurant on Chippewa, El Maguey.
  • Buckhead Diner in Atlanta. They have some massive salads there.
  • Diner hmm... Eddie rockets! :)
  • The Diner Grill 1635 W Irving Park Rd in Chicago-my favorite is their cheeseburgers, but try thr Slinger if you're hungry. Johnny Cash on the all night!
  • I like to search for any old A&W Drive-Ins that are still open. Good root beer floats!

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