• well i am getting creative these days... i am still stuck with almost no income other than tapping into my soon to disappear college fund... when i find the right buyers for my movie ideas and songs then i will consider that my main source of income... i could sell the herb i am growing but chances are that i am just going to share and give some away rather than sell it
  • I make gifts with yarn and plastic canvas, and sell them at charity auctions and fairs. I donate the income to charities.
  • I have looked for and gotten a second full-time job. It lasted for only one month and one week, but hey, it's still money! I also sell things that can be recycled, like books and newspapers.
  • I recycle.
  • In the 90s I did anything I could to make an extra buck just to make it then. Since the economy got much better, I work one job and that's enough.
  • Many people see earning more money as a solution to tight financial times and ignore the more basic things such as cutting back on wasteful impulse buying and useless expenses. There does come a time when increased income may be necessary but if it can be avoided I think you'll see that you'd be a lot happier at home with less than at work with more. Just a thought.

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