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  • Laws differ greatly from nation to nation. To get a clear answer that appliers to your location - you would need to ask about a specific location.
  • Don't gamble your future life on the answer to an off-handed question on Answerbag. Call a lawyer from your own home state. The laws are different in every state. If you have no money, call the local public defender's office and ask to speak to the "attorney of the day." They will know the answer for you locally. I know: I used to be that attorney of the day.
  • If you are asking this then you have to listen to your ma. She said no, and she meant it. Now go to your room boy - you're grounded!
  • In most states in the US, this would be considered child annoying, or a form of child abuse. In some states the legal age of consent is 16, so no problem. She needs to check the law in her state.
  • its against the law, untill the man is 18. but you can date, not sex.
  • If both are sexually legal, yes. The boy (I refuse to call someone who is only 16 a "man") might want to at least consider whatever his parents say, but the girl is absolutely free to do what she wants to
  • Yes .The Legal age for sexual consent in the UK is 16. I would not call a 16 year old a man but a youth.
  • 16 year old. ..... MAN ???
  • i am the parent of my 16 year old son and we give consent to him having a sexual relationship with his 19 year old girlfriend as long as they use protection but her parents disagree but she is 19 so its not nothing to do with them, they are trying to say she is breaking the law (RUBBISH) plus have daid we are bad parents, Why our son is mature enough. Thanks for your advice. Her father is always making her life like hell.
  • Cheers, sorry i put man i meant Youth. She lives at her parents house and i am trying to find her her own accomadation as her father is being a total idiot over all this he even has tried to arrange his daughter to get married to a man 18 but she doesnt want anything to do with, she is british white and does have no religion as for arranged marriages, he treats her like a child, which i totally disagree and he needs to let his daughter stand on her own 2 feet, i think he,s mad with me as we put her up for 2 weeks staying with my son, her father said he is going to call the police on me letting a sexual relationship to go ahead in my home, well i guess he does not know the law either. Anyway Many thanks.
  • Um, yeah. Her parents lost any control they had over their daughter 3 years ago when she turned 16. Likewise, your parents can't stop you from sleeping with her -- you're both legal.
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  • In the first place, there is no such thing as a 16-year-old man. He's a child. You can't "give consent" legally to your son's having sex. But since he is 16, he's legally able to give consent, no matter if the girl is an adult woman. Since she is, her parents have no say. They could disown her, but she's adult, so that would have no force. . But you ARE bad parents to encourage a child to have sex with an adult. I have to agree with her parents on this one. And at 16, no, he's not mature enough. A 19-year-old woman who wants to have sex with a 16-year-old child is seriously disturbed. She needs immediate psychotherapy. So do you.

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