• Being a functioning man, I would have to surrender my genitals if I ever wore such things. That said, i think it's tacky on women and men equally. Plus it leads to stupid people getting angry that others look at their asses...well it's got a WORD on it!
  • I'm a woman and I think it just draws attention to your arse. I will not wear them and if I had a daughter she would not be allowed to wear them either.
  • No I don't need to draw any more attention to my butt ... But I would otherwise.
  • "TackyTown"
  • If I did, I'd probably just have "Look at my butt" written on it, since that's all you're saying basically. I think it's pretty tacky, but the only things I see them on are usual sweat pants, and I already think it's bad to wear those in public so...lose lose!
  • That is simply not my style. I see no good in it...
  • I don't, but if other people want to, that's their business, I am not the "tacky" police.

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