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  • Yes, they still have sex. Why wouldn't they? Hormones aside, it's a life affirming act of intimacy and closeness. After menopause, a woman can have trouble with dryness. There are prescription estrogen creams that can help with this. Of course, there's also KY over the counter for a fraction of the price. The amount of time that has passed since a woman last had sex really shouldn't have an impact on her ability to become aroused.
  • I had a gf who was 60 a few years ago and was on the hormone patch. She would get wet during foreplay and we wouldn't need any lub at all.
  • I've known women in this age bracket, and of course, they get sexually aroused and wet if turned on by the right guy, event, etc. Gimme a break - they're HUMAN!! duhh!!
  • When I give my wife a long erotice massage, she gets as wet at 65 as she did at 25. But generally, we use a lot of astroglide.
  • I would say yes if we are healthy. But what happens is we get into patterns of behavior and our bodies and minds can just follow those patterns because its easier than breaking out of them. I am not there yet but as I have been sexually active all my life I would say yes I will be able to be in my 60s.
  • My mom does.
  • My mum does.

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