• It's been said that the more freedom people have the higher the crime rate. There must be a balance. A little less freedom and less crime get's my vote.
  • Is the Disciplined Democracy absolutely honest, open and fair-minded? Does it treat all its citizens equally, without prejudice? Are the elections without "dirty tricks, undermining, sabotage"? Are the leaders intelligent, capable and consistently doing things for the good of people rather than their own selfish interests? We have had a corrupt democracy since stinks and we're rapidly sinking. A Disciplined Democracy with everything positive that I have outlined would be far preferable to what we've been living with the last 8 years! Happy Wednesday! :)
  • This is a false choice. There is no need to limit freedom to have a disciplined society. Less freedom will not cut corruption. It will actually increase it. Criminals will just go wherever the power is. The more we empower the government, the more bent politicians we'll see. The more police powers there are, the more bent cops we'll have. It's totally self defeating. Many of the problems in society have been deliberately engineered by the government to try to persuade us to increase their powers. You never get security by giving up liberty. Ever. It just brings tyranny. The people aren't the problem. The government is. It's the government that needs to have its freedom limited. That's what a constitution is for. They're public servants, not authorities. We don't serve them, they serve us. A healthy democracy is a place where the people are free and government is heavily regulated. They need to be afraid of us, not the other way round.
  • Neither as "democracy" is the problem. Hence why it has never worked for long since it's creation by the Greeks. By giving "everyone" rights you actually turn all into sheep dependent on the laws. All but those who wield power and/or wealth. Thus the only way to "win" the democracy race is to be above or under the law of democracy. This is why the political, military and criminal classes are the only ones who actually prosper in a democracy.

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