• Nonsense
  • Some financial institutions have a policy that if an incorrect PIN number is entered 3X in a row the ATM will confiscate the card.
  • Try it!! Then let us all know your findings.
  • YOu honestly believe that every time you put in a wrong PIN number the police are going to turn up!? If you put the PIN in incorrectly 3 times (normally) the ATM will swallow your card and when they fill it up next time the store/bank will cut it up and return it to your issuing bank. The police really aren't interested in people who can't use an ATM correctly ;0)
  • No because how will the ATM know the difference? A pin number is a fixed amount of digits in any number of random combinations. The number 1234 is no less valid that 4321 - both are 4 digits long and contain random numbers in whatever ever order the person has chosen. How will you be able to tell if 4321 is a number in reverse as opposed to another pin number? The 4 digits are valid in any order and differ each time.
  • Just like the folks have been telling you, every bank and/or ATM has a safety measure built in. If a pin # is entered more than 3 times incorrectly machine simply takes card, even on a web site for many visa & master cards if you enter the wrong user name & password they will shut down login web and you must call in to re-set them by phone so they can verify who you are. many times on the following web site can verify if a rumor is just that a rumor, lie or if in fact truth, I will often look e-mails up that have been sent to me and find they are hoax's

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