• It depends on what kind of casual. I mean I wouldn't like wear them to a company picnic or something. But if I was going out to do some stuff with friends then yeah, I would wear them.
  • Haven't we done this before? Several times?
  • A friend and I were having this conversation just today. I say windpants are totally our of style. They are very 90's and the only time anyone should wear them is if they are coaching a soccer team of maayybbe running in the cold. Even with the running, there are cute spandex that is much more stylish. Wind pants are baggy and shapeless and god awful ugly.
  • I think they were out of style for some time but are coming back into style now. I always liked that style of pants but got told not to wear them from most girlfriends. Now apatently it's OK... weird. They're lightweight, comfortable, water repellant, only real possible negatives are they're shiny and make that swish swish noise when you walk in them and they're pretty thin so if you're a guy you probable should wear briefs or boxer briefs with them.
  • never heard of it
  • Do clothes have a shelf life? Is that why everybody gives me funny looks when I am with my 1870's hair, and walking down the street?

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