• it doesnt... neither does this
  • I am not Muslim so I don't know from that point of view but I think that these suicide bombers are radicals who have focused on a few scriptures while straying away from the religion as a whole. Christian radicals do this. Christianity is not one or two scriptures standing alone it is the whole bible.
  • I wonder what kind of promise they got if they would do it.
  • This may be of interest to you. “some 11,000,000 Muslims have been violently killed since 1948, of which 35,000, or 0.3 percent, died during the sixty years of fighting Israel, or just 1 out of every 315 Muslim fatalities. In contrast, over 90 percent of the 11 million who perished were killed by fellow Muslims.”
  • boraslama re your comment to steve0079's post steve's answer is very revelant pointing to the number of atrocities commited by Muslims against fellow Muslims which is evidence against the notion of Islam as a peaceful religion. It's laughable that you accuse him of the very tactic you have used in answering a few of my questions. This new phenomenon of female suicide bombers though shouldnt really surprise us. We are living in a world that has gone totally insane. There is something terribly wrong with society when a woman kills. It's frightening. Woman are by nature the nurturers feel the need to protect themself through killings. In the west this is expressed through the act of killing the unborn. I know my opinion is going to upset many But you boras can only come up with "Zionist propaganda". That's a cop out. Female as well as male "homicide bombers" kill and are willing to be killed for Allah as the Quran dictates for every good Muslim. Pure and simple it is their belief in ISLAM that motivates these mass murderers in their unholy activities. They are the TRUE MUSLIMS because they follow the Quran faithfully - unlike "moderates" like boras who may be uncomfortable with certain aspects of Islam or through genuine ignorance continue to preach a sanitized version of their "peaceful religion".
  • It doesn't but all major religions are known to be violent in nature.
  • The same as the fact that Christian killers do not stop Christianity being a religion of peace. Three, or three thousand, fanatic killers do not define the beliefs of a billion Muslims. America has serial killers, but not every American is a serial killer. Islam has suicide bombers, but not every Muslim is a suicide bomber.
  • In an atmosphere where guns are blamed for killings instead of the people who commit the crime it is not surprising that religion is blamed when its a terrorist movement that is at fault. That said, I'm not a big fan of large, organized religion that breeds fanaticism which can sometime be easily harnessed by outside influence.
  • I think these Imans are preaching hatred and instilling in the youth of killing everyone even their own..Wouldn't it be lovely if the suicide bombers bombed their own Iman..They are using children who obvisouly have mental problems who have no self esteem to do these violent acts.. You can see 7 million muslims are leaving Islam and converting to Christianity ever year...People are waking up to this 4 century mentality and they have had enough.
  • Let me start by saying that bombers of all kinds, whether they are suicide bombers or stealth bombers, are destructive, take innocent lives and are wrong. Having said that, if we want to be sane and rational we must keep things in their right perspective and not sensationalise issues, unless we want to spread misinformation and prejudices, scare people and cause divisions and hatred. The question posed is similar to the question “How does the recent news of a plane crash killing 199 people equate with the notion of air travel being a 'safe mode of transport'?” There is prejudice in the question. It implies that air travel is NOT safe, as the words 'safe mode of transport‘ are placed in quotes. It would be ludicrous for anyone to suggest that planes are designed to crash or that pilots’ manuals instruct them to crash planes. Similarly it is not right to imply that the purpose of Islam is to cause death of innocent people or that the HQ instructs people to kill the innocent. If we put the air crashes in perspective by looking at them as a proportion of airmiles covered we’re told that it IS a safe mode of transport. Similarly Islam IS a religion of peace when you consider the number of troublespots as a proportion of the number of countries with Muslims in them and the number of Muslims around the world (about 1.4 billion). If you use this rational pproach you might find that the suicide incident rate in Islam is far lower than the crash incident rate in air travel. Actually the situation is even BETTER than that of air travel, because whereas we HAVE to count the air crashes, since they are an inherent unavoidable risk of air travel, we should not really count the suicide bombings because they are not an inherent, unaviodable part of Islam. Note - the air crash mentioned above did actually take place. It was the 29th worse air crash and it happened in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 07/17/2007
  • There have been radicals in every religion, people throughout history who have twisted religious text, which is pretty easy to do, given how much it has been translated and retranslated, to gain control over people. The problem isn't with the religion itself. I see people who try to look at passages in the Koran or whatever, passages that are pretty violent and say, you know, this is hopeless, they're never going to change. But I think it has a lot less to do with what's written in the Koran than social and economic conditions in the Middle East. If a society modernizes then religious restrictions will loosen up.
  • Christianity is a "religion of peace" too :-P
  • From my moderate knowledge of Islam, they are a peace loving group BUT ONLY IF EVERYONE is Islamic. If you are not Islamic you must convert or die. Anyone that does not believe as they do are not a part of their quest for peace and therefore are seen as an enemy.
  • I will decide differently to the majority of answers. Islam/muslim is derived from Istislaam meaning submission. To be a muslim is to be someone/something that has submitted to God and his orders. The name Islam does not come from salaam implying peace. Islam gives the Muslim the right to deffend his/her country/family/religion/etc... in war (and obviously death occurs in wars) but warns the Muslim, that you will be judged on what you do and your intentions (so obviously a person that negotiates peacfully will be more likely to succeed in the afterlife -but not always-). The 3 female suicide bombers (I missed the news today & last night) are most likely either misinformed muslims or their intention of killing was not religion but politics/hunger/war/revenge etc... you will need to dig deeply into why they TRULY did it and not what excuse they used to try to 'coat'/'validate' their bombings.
  • The grave is VERY peaceful. People like to compare Christianity with Islam, but at the moment, I simply cannot think of anyone who has recently killed in the name of Christianity.
  • Hey, I am a muslim and proud of it. I was raised Christian and converted so I do truly see both sides of this argument. The one thing that I can say is that both sides are inherantly right AND wrong. If you haven't lived it, you can't possibly understand it so anyone debasing another religion on premise of it being different from their own is a statement of true ignorance. Christian believe that Christ died for our sins and that we get to heaven through him. If you read Psalms....almost any of them, they are all prayers and songs about how to get God to help you kill your enemy. Look at the story of David and Goliath. There are countless stories in the bible, new testament and old that justify and glorify violence. King David led troops to war in the name of God and he is revered in the Christian religion. If you get PAST the bible to modern practice, you have the crusades, OK city bombing, the coresh compound, and ironically the treatment of muslims in America under the guise that muslims are violent. Conversely, in the Qu'ran, you are given instructions as to HOW to defend yourself given extreme maltreatment. And the propeht Muhammed p.b.u.h., as David did, led people to war. There is no way at all to say that one religion is more violent than any other simply because religion is a fundamental core of belief. The person following has the God given free choice to decide whether to be violent or peaceful. People are just looking for ways to excuse their own actions and blame someone else. Take for instance road rage, if you are running late and you cut someone off, it's okay because you are in a rush...if someone cuts you off, they are a bad driver. People do the same thing with religion...if Christians commit atrocities, that's okay cuz they are doing it in the name of God, if Muslims suicide bomb, they are doing it in the name of terrorism and the entire belief is wrong. Please people, lets all step through the multitude stacks of steaming ignorance and come to understand that God isn't wrong...people are...the religion is perfect, the people that are practicing it are douchebags when they do something radical. Sorry for the wall of text La illaha ill Allah, Muhammadur Rasul Allah
  • How does The US killing hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqi citizens equate with the notion of America being a 'nation of freedom & peace'? Iraq was NO threat to the US freedoms. Ever.
  • Islam is good. But not all the islamists.
  • Most likely they did it so that they wouldn't have to listen to any more of Dr Naik's lectures? Now if they'd got him, that would really have been a blow for quiet and perhaps peace and quiet.
  • It doesn't.

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