• i would keep the baby, they can be awful cute, wish i had one at nny place
  • Do you have any family or support group? I think you really need to follow your beliefs and reach out for support. Good luck.
  • Unfortunately the chances of your boyfriend's plan working out in a good way, especially for you are about 1 in 50. If he wanted to get married that might be a little better but after being with him for only a month the chances of that being successful in the long run are extremely bad. The affect on your kids to go through with the pregnancy then putting the baby up for adoption would look like you were abandoning the child. I would only suggest abortion in a last resort situation but, right now, that's you. For the sake of your kids I would end this pregnancy before it becomes obvious that you are pregnant.
  • You need to reach out for stable support in the real world. Trust in yourself to make the right decision for you and your family. All the best.

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