• some are and some aren't. Depends on the rapper
  • Not all. a lot are but old school rap very few, it depends on the artist.
  • Yes and to the police and society as a whole. Rappers cannot sing. They talk their way through a "song". Its all just hype and soon to be gone..........
    • Nosmo King
      Who cares about the police? Most of those creatures are degrading to the rest of the human race. I agree with you about rappers "talking their way through a song" though. That's all rap really is, just talking in rhythm. However, this particular question is pertaining to the lyrical subject matter of that so-called music genre rather than its display of musical talent (or lack thereof).
    • Jewels Vern
      Nosmo, you are so profound! Wow. Just wow.
  • You can not classify all "rap" as being degrading. There's more to rap than just the mainstream songs such as most of the songs on the radio today. You can't judge an entire genre of music by what you listen to on the radio. Look deeper into the genre, for instance, the artist "Common" talks about moral issues in his songs&personal situations. It would help your case alot more if you would do a little more research into your subject before you go an degrade&judge an entire genre&music lifestyle
  • Female rap songs aren't usually degrading to women. Male rap songs usually are.
  • Don't really know any but understand that some songs are.

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