• It depends. I think your age defiantly matters, but aside from that, you should really know the person. Are you dating? Are you looking for marriage, or just fun? If you are looking for a relationship then I think it is best to wait for a decent amount of time. After all, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? I think holding out makes the relationship so much more exciting, it's such a build up. I would say wait until you just can't wait anymore, and then wait one more month. Besides there is plenty of other stuff to do.
  • waiting till marriage makes it more exciting but thats just me. Waiting makes it better in the long run. Till that one special person that you'll spend the rest of your time with. :3
    • Myang
      yeah! this is the best answer for this question! :D
  • Until you are married
  • There is no fixed answer to that question. It depends on so many factors that you can never know until you are in that situation. It depends most of all, however, on the person you are with. What does the other person want? That's the biggest question. You'll almost always know when you want sex. It will be a combination of how you feel about the other person, your circumstances -can you afford if you get the gal pregnant (or if you are a girl, are you ready to be pregnant) - and your own moral convictions. (Some people believe that sex should wait till marriage.) It depends also on the kind of relationship. Sometimes you are with someone for whom it is only about sex and then you just do it, so to speak. Sex comes naturally and it is perfectly normal just to have sex for the sake of sex - if the other person is feeling the same way. However, "relationship" suggests something more - and if you are in love with the other person, the way they feel has to come first. Funny thing, with my current gf - who I have been with for over ten years now and with whom I have three children - I had come off a very bad relationship and was really reluctant. It was about 8 months before we had sex the first time and she told me later that she kept wondering if we were ever going to have sex. Yet, with another girl I dated well before her, we had sex on the third date - and I even had a couple of one night stands in my younger days. So, I know, not much of an answer. However, to try to schedule "the right time" is pointless. Every situation is different. I would only add that the one advantage to waiting till marriage is that it takes the guesswork out of it. Beyond that, the only other answer is that if you are unsure either about yourself or how the other person feels, then the answer is that you are not ready. If you don't know how the other person feels and you can't talk about it with them, then you need better communication before you start having sex.
  • If I like someone and want to be with him then I don't want to wait and sex is a good way of getting to know someone. How he treats me, how interested he is in me, how well he is able to read me, how much he cares about making things good with me. A good number of men - after they go to bed with you and if that is all they wanted then they back down and lose interest. Or after sex they retreat into their shell and I know they are not so into being with me in other ways. Mostly it takes time and mutual adjustment and often some give and take before the sex starts to get good and if he is willing and able to keep going with me then I know he enjoys being with me and there is a good chance it will just get better as we become closer. So if there is mutual interest in being with each other I don't hesitate or play games. When I met my husband we did wait almost two weeks but only because we were having such a great time together without sex!
  • At least an hour :)
    • beaker95
      You have excellent self-control to wait that long....are you Amish...?
  • I think that when you both are ready. I think it is also good to discuss with your partner about having sex and if you are ready for that or not. Remember that you don't have to do it if you are not ready even if your partner says so.
  • Waiting till you leave the restaurant would be hygienic....
  • 4-12-2017 Well, you know, you gotta talk to a gal for a while first. THEN you grab her!
  • Hubby and I did it on our first date.
  • Half an hour.
    • we are dough 68
      Good self-control.
    • we are dough 68
      .....for a sparrow.

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