• Rabbits mostly sleep during the day. My two sleep with their eyes open so its hard to tell when they are sleeping. However a giveaway is that when they are sleeping rabbits often twitch, and their noses stop wiggling. Other rabbits will close their eyes and totally flake out, looking like they are dead. I've had some good scares from that.
  • They sleep durring night hours and early morning hours, I have 5 rabbits...
  • Rabbits are diurnal -- that means they sleep mostly during dusk and early morning/dawn.
  • Wild rabbits are 'crepuscular', which means they are awake in the hours just before dawn and after dusk, and sleep during the day and late at night. Many domestic rabbits take on the same habits. Others will take on the habits of their owners - if the owners are around from 5PM to bedtime, that's when the rabbit is awake. If they are available all day, the rabbits will sleep at night. Ours do the crepuscular thing - if we check on them at noon or in the afternoon, they will typically be passed out under the couch. Rabbits sleep in many ways. Some sit in the same crouch they are often in when awake, eyes open, and you can only tell they are asleep from the lack of nose twitching. (Noses twitch when awake, it's the rabbit rule #2, after 'chew on everything that doesn't move'.) Sometimes they sleep with eyes closed, sometimes they will lie down, either on their belly or their side. The scariest is the 'dead bunny sleep' - flat out on their side as if they were cut down in mid-stride, eyes wide open, the only movement being very subtle breathing. He's fine, he's just feels safe enough sleeping there to be totally out.
  • Sorry I meant crepuscular--but I was 'correct' in that they are most active during dusk and dawn (which is what crepuscular means--I simply messed up my terms).
  • When they get tired, duh!
  • Rabbits being crepuscular (meaning they are most active during twilight) sleep during the day. And most often, they sleep with their eyes open. But you can kind of tell when they are sleeping with their eyes open because their nose isn't wiggling as much and they twitch in their sleep. But there are some that do sleep eyes closed lying down. But this used to happen for us, when it was really hot and humid.
  • Usually they are most active during the hours that most predatory animals are not. They are usual more active during dusk and dawn. This is because at those times either the nocturnal animals haven't gotten up for the nightime festivities or are retiring to sleep and vice versa. So they sleep during the day and at night, but that doesn't mean they sleep during the entire time!!
  • Yes, rabbits do sleep. At night, usually. And no. They close their eyes to sleep.
  • Rabbits are mammals. They do sleep. They dream too. They have rabbit eye movement.
  • friggen never.

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