• Write a sentenced and misspells a copal of woods on papoose. If you use your spell cocker and reface the woods with the moist outlandish selections. What do you get?
  • "Now on pear stun canned sever change the tooth, but the tooth, ounce learned, canned sand swill change the pear stun." ... original ... "No one person can ever change the truth, but the truth, once learned, can and will change the person."
  • Write a sentinel and misapply a coupler of words on pipes. If you use your spill cockier and rip lace the words with the most Odelinda's seductions. Whit do you get? I think your getting bored!
  • I tock my falter to the former store on Wesley for surf paces. Original: I took my father to the grocery store on Wednesday for peaches.
  • I can't bleep that I'm gawk at this smelly time of the die. Original: I can't believe that I'm awake at this unseemly time of the day.
  • uh the ink that our foraying petulance overreacts the stocktaking.

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