• Not anymore. When I was growing up, my Dad and his brothers sang in a barbershop quartet. They came from a very musical family, and grandma played the piano, while the rest of us sang. We all lived near each other, and the whole family got together on Sunday for church and potluck and singing. There were five brothers, and I was the second oldest cousin (after my brother). I got to see several of the uncles with girlfriend, then wives, and nearly all of the Aunts pregnant with all of my cousins. I was the first of the cousins to marry and have a baby also.
  • No and that's a VERY good thing. None of us can sing. It's horrible. . .really horrible. Nails on a blackboard sound better :)
  • Yes! All the time!!.... If my singing you mean... we don't talk. :(
  • Some of them sing together on special occasions .....and alcohol consumption is very involved in their decision to form a Choir right on the spot.
  • Only when we sing happy birthday to someone.
  • every single time we're in the car my dad's a tenor i harmonize to whatever my sisters sing and my cousins sing different parts too :) whenever we sing happy birthday it's the whole family in 3 4 or 5 part harmony lol and yes, we care about how in tune we are :)...we're a quirky kind of family but we love it :D
  • Used to... When we went on vacation pulling a trailer, I took my guitar and music. We'd sit around the table every night singing popular songs. Almost every family get-together, I'd bring MY songs (ones I'd written) and play them and few I knew by heart, and a number of others and I would sing. And I sang a couple of duets with my father at church... Actually a couple of MY Christmas songs. I haven't played guitar for a long time, but I have written a couple of songs since then, too.
  • Well, my husband, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I are all in our church choir. My father-in-law used to be, and probably will rejoin when he can make rehearsals without feeling stressed after work to make it. My husband, older daughter and I sing together while driving in the car on occasion. My husband and I sing together sometimes in concert to put the kids to sleep. Growing up, my parents, siblings and I all sang together daily as part of our family worship time. And every year my husband's extended family (four generations up, and up to 70 some people) get together and sing at bonfires and things.
  • I don't think my family ever has. Not all of us together at once anyway.
  • I sing all the time. I learned from my mother and grandmother, who all sang all the time. My daughter is picking up the habit. My husband never used to sing, but he does sometimes now. He actually has a lovely voice, but he lacks confidence in it and it isn't trained, so he doesn't do it often.
  • on Christmas
  • Pretty much only when it's someone's birthday and we sing 'Happy Birthday'. Even then, though, I'm pretty sure some of 'em are just mouthing the words.
  • Yes, at concerts, in the SUV, watching concert DVDs, to a great song in a movie, and on Christmas.
  • #1 Hiya! I miss you. =) #2 We do, terribly... and at Passover... for less than a minute. haha
  • Just during birthday songs.
  • My father and brother have "jam sessions", but I don't think that counts. I used to sing, often. I don't do it much, anymore.
  • The latest instance was when my mother tried out the Karaoke on YouTube. That was a month ago, I think.
  • My dad and I sing together sometimes for weddings, etc, and at some church services. And once in a while my bro will do it too because he and I can both find a different harmony to songs. Its nice. Though for my dads wedding, I composed a trio for me and my sister and brother, and im pretty proud of it. =) It was hard to figure out a two part harmony and different verses to weave together by myself.. but its a masterpeice. =D
  • no way. Mom's in the choir, though.
  • We never had a radio in our car growing up - IT was great we used to play this singing game "Antakshri" where you take the last letter of the song to start the next song.. IT was the best times we ever had - So much fun and memories and no fighting in the car.. Miss them days..
  • Everyone in my family can sing, for the most part. So we tend to sing badly for the heck of it. Whenever a Diana Ross Song comes on, Tina Turner, or any other old school song comes on we bring out our cracking voices and annoy the neighbors. My family tend to join together to sing over the songs I like in the worst voices they can possibly looses its humor once they start singing over things you actually enjoy.
  • We sing horribly together as soon as alcohol enters the room lol.
  • yes when we go picnic.
  • and I'm glad as I'm not into musicals! :)
  • Yes. When we are in the car together, listening to our favourite songs. We still do it kinda a bit till now. ;)
  • LMAO...yes! My teen daughter and I "still" sing the song to Friends everytime the show comes on. And we do the silly little "clap" sound too......haha.

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