• It would be a great help to know the model of the 3dfx display card that you have because there are many drivers for 3dfx cards. The following link could be helpful for you :
  • Here are some photos of voodoo graphics cards as an example.
  • run this program and it should give you alot of information on you system, just go to google or Yahoo and type in Belarc, once you do download and run. print and then you should have all the information you need, run this program ever so often just to keep yourself updated. If you have this CD that came with you video card, then on device manager then let the wizard reinstall driver, if not then look though these instructions. FINDING DRIVERS GO TO JOIN FOR FREE LET THE SITE SCAN SYSTEM THIS TELL YOU WHAT’S ON YOU SYSTEM AND LETS SITE KNOW ALSO SO THEY CAN HELP YOU LOOK FOR THINGS YOU ARE NOW FREE TO SEARCH FOR DRIVERS ONCE YOU FIND THEM, DOWNLOAD TO YOUR DESKTOP FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION SCAN FILE BEFORE OPENING, THIS IS A GOOD PRACTICE THEN GO TO CONTROL PANEL SYSTEM HARDWARE DEVICE MANAGER RIGHT CLICK ON THE ITEM THAT NEEDS DRIVER AND LET WIZARD INSTALL DRIVER (THIS SITE ALLOWS UP TO 10 FREE DOWNLOADS PER DAY, THE ONLY THING YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IS RATE YOUR FILES THAT YOU FOUND) SMALL PRICE FOR FREE SOFTWARE

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