• Cancer, tumor, cyst - benign, malignant - possible arthritic bone spur... yeah there is a list of possibilities here. since its been around for a year or so, we can rule out muscle knot, goose egg and other injuries of similar nature(ya know like a knot on your head when the baseball hits your head). We might be able to rule out other injuries as well, such as a broken bone which has healed wrong if you do not recall a period of particularly horrible pain about the time this lump appears - most often would be tied in with being hit, or a fall or something. That leaves cyst/tumor/cancer/growth/bone spur - all of which needs pictures (X-ray possibly an MRI), a biopy (where they stick a needle inside and pull out some tissue and look at it in a microscope to see what kind of cell the tissue is) and then possibly removal. Yes Cancer is in that list - however this is not to say that it is malignant cancer - it is - due to the length of time it has been there without seeming to bother you that much - a benign growth (a tumor, or cyst - there a lots of names) which most likely should be tested and removed - tested to make certain it is not a form of cancer that could turn ugly, and removed for your comfort. IF on the off chance you have rheumatoid arthritis, then it is (most likely) a Rheumatoid nodule. Those are fairly common for patients with RA. I think you see where I am going with this, but let me spell it out: see a doctor.
  • You need to go see a doctor now. It could be a sebacious cyst (which is cancer), but when I had such a thing, it turned out benign, so they just cut it out, gave me a couple stitches, and it never came back. "Benign" is the word you want to hear the doctor say, after they look at it and do some bloodwork etc (you'll have to wait some days to hear). --- But it could be any of several things, not just that; so the thing to do is go and find out, get it over with. The sooner the better when there's worry involved, right? Cheer up, you'll be ok. But go make sure. Make an appointment today. (And think positively. It matters.)
  • Might be a goiter on your thyroid. Are you also hot, antsy, hyper,fidgety, thin?
  • a doctor would know what it is, go see one
  • go get it checked out

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