• Although it is expensive and does make you feel unwell if you drink too much, it also relaxes you, makes you more sociable, and is something to look forward to for some. It's worth noting that during a recession, alchohol sales increase.
  • For lots of reasons. 1.)It helps them loosen up and have fun. 2.)They need to relax at the end of the day. 3.)They enjoy the taste. 4.)They depend on it to sleep, live or function. 5.)It helps them handle grief or depression. I'm not saying that any of those reasons are the right ones. I'm just saying in my experience those were the reasons.
  • for young ones - it is peer pressure (they dont think for themselves) - for some it is an addiction, for some it is an escape - too much of a good thing will always be bad for you
  • I do it because its fun. I think people who critize drinking are too uptight. But that's just my opinion.
  • It doesnt make you feel bad when you drink responsibly. Its a way for adults to have fun and some can taste really good.
  • for one it makes you feel real good before it makes you feel unwell. another reason is it makes ugly chicks look more appealing.

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