• Blood cells develop from haemopoietic stem cells. As they develop they lose their nucleus and as such their ability to reproduce. This happens before the cell enters the blood stream in most cases. However, where here is a decrease in the quality or quantity of your cells some may be released early from the bone marrow to try and compensate
  • when you have no more red bone marrow (which I cannot think of a reason you would lose all your red bone marrow besides if you lost all your bones which makes no sense) or are dead.
  • Red Blood Cells begin with a nucleus, when the cell fills with hemoglobin it squishes out the nucleus, at that point it stops reproducing itself. Red Blood cells live for 120 days after that then passed through the bile.
  • Some specialized cells such as neurons and red blood cells lose their ability to divide a maturity. Which phase of the cell cycle do you suspect is terminal for these cells?

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