• Not necesarily true all the time, but they're called APARTments, after all.
  • Cuz, people who live in houses care, and lots of people who live in apartment buildings (NOT all) don't give a rats a^s, or at least they don't seem to here.
  • I live in such a place and we do! We have parties and association all the time at our Ski Lodge. When it is summer we socialize at the pool and at the lake. We drink together at our bar and dine in our restaurant. We talk to our neighbors and we always enjoy each others company. Honestly I feel that people in the burbs are the ones who no longer talk to or even know their neighbors. I guess it all depends on what part of the country you live in.
  • i think it greatly varies place to place. i've lived in quite a few states and towns big and small and some neighborhoods are extremely friendly while others are standoffish. most of the apartments ive lived in have been in old houses so it was easy to get to know my apartment neighbors. i've never lived in a large apartment building except for the dorms when i was in the air force. there was a great sense of community there, but i'm sure that was because of a shared job. i don't know, it just varies, each neighborhood is very different ;)

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