• When I use them I do but I rarely ever use them.
  • I hate to copy and paste Wiki information into my answers. I prefer to read the information and put it into my own words. I will only cite Wiki as a source if the questioner asks me where I got my info from.
  • When I sometimes use outside references or quotations in my answers, I always confirm the source, as my University had a stringent plagarism policy that has stuck with me post-graduation.
  • I usually revise Wikipedia information, as it can be rather detailed. If I don't revise it, I credit the source.
  • If I've used loads then yeah, but usually if I bother at all it's just a quick peek to verify something I already thought. So mainly.... NO!
  • If I use imformation from the site or use a link yes I do.
  • If I use Wikipedia, then I cite it.
  • I don't neen no stinking sources. lol
  • Yes. I explain my reasons here:
  • Yes, but as much as possible I try to avoid it because some people don't trust it. But in cases where Wikipedia is the only source, or the only understandable source, of course it's the one I cite.
  • Nah. I've noticed that I generally gravitate towards questions that require an opinion.
  • On a few occasions I will. Though Wikipedia is still very much in it's infancy, They offer a decent source of information (though not always accurate) on a wide variety of topics. I will also send a Google link for people when I need help making my comments. I'll search their answer and present it to them. SOmetimes an answer is too long to write.
  • Yep, but obviously not for the opinion-centered questions. It's usually got its own references at the bottom of the page, so further research can be conducted to confirm the information's validity. I have yet to receive any complaints.
  • Yes I do.. =)
  • Yes. Not because Wikipedia is necessarily an authority on any particular subject, but because they often put things together in a fashion which is easy to understand. Wikipedia also cites their sources, which you can follow up on. And as a last resort, Wikipedia is a good starting point to gather information about which you can do your OWN research to further verify or support what you need. I would never use them as an authoritative source, at least not unless and until they become recognized by other leading authorities as such. And no, fellow bloggers are not 'authorities' in this sense!
  • Sometimes. Not all entries on Wikipedia have been re-written by PC putzes, or succumbed to the rampant leftardation....just most.
  • rarely
  • I think it depends on how accurately researched the Wiki is if I use it.
  • Yes. I know it's not the most reputable source, but it's easy to access and search, and often there *is* good information there.
  • I try to use Wiki only as a starting source. That place is maintained by the same kind of people who come in here and ask questions - it's no venus for accuracy. I prefer to verify facts I find in Wiki with other, more reputable sources.

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