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  • I actually heard recently that the average penis size for an American adult is 5 1/4 inches. Therefore, 5 inches is within a few standard deviations of normal. However, seeing as most penises that we see are rather larger than normal (think porn stars), it may seem small in comparison.
  • It depends on who's measuring... average length is anywhere between 5.1 and 6.16 inches ( Everything you wanted to know about size:
  • No one really knows what the average size is. No one has ever measured me. I've never heard of someone going around measuring. I just don't want to be measured in cold water.hahahahahahahahahaha
  • I have read various places that the average RANGE (erect) is 5-7 inches, but if you read much on the topic, you will read that size, to most/many adult, sexually experienced women does not determine how pleasurable sex will be for them. This is true especially if you are very close to them emotionally. Technique also has alot to do with sexual pleasure for the man and the woman. Size is more "important" or relevant, when one is talking about such as perhaps: a rock thrown at you, a mugger or dangerous animal chasing you, a tree you have to climb, or a spicy Italian meatball dinner where you just HAD to eat the WHOLE thing. :) Relax, or you might not reach your "full potential" when aroused. Being nervous or self conscious makes the blood go to the wrong parts of your body. And an erect penis is a terrible thing to waste... (they say).
  • You're fine, average. People tend to brag, as you know. A lot of boys tend to worry about size. Don't even... Think more about how you could be a good lover instead. It's more fullfilling than something people chase and can't get over it.
  • its like MICRO
  • Depends where u are when u measure. For example, a guy I know, (lol), told me he measures 6"-7" while on the toilet, but then on that very same day, he measured it while chatting on the internet n it had made astonishing growth in a matter of hrs. While chattign it measured somethin like 9"-10". Truly extraordinary. But to answer ur question, yes, I would say that 5" is a little below par.
  • My ex was huge and the sex was only OK. Yet my current boyfriend ( and hopefully my only one!) is smaller, a bit below average but the sex is amazing and was from the start. Sometimes guys with a big penis think that dont have to do anything other than pump (excuse the crudeness), so they just dont try and are often really bad in bed. I honestly beieve sixe doesn't matter.
  • hey mine's like 5.8 in. I heard that the avg. is something like 5.5-6.2 in. Don't let it get to you though, i mean at least it's normal. I am sure all of you have heard, it's not the rocking of the boat, but the motion of the ocean. Your fine.
  • no i think not a small women g spot is only under 3 "deep so five eanch not bad if you have a under three eanch then you have to woory about it but you have a more then a 3" dont worry relex and enjoy sex life
  • how can i make it bigger
  • its now what u have its how u use it
  • I have a five inch penis and the only people looking on this site are people with five inch penises i mean if you have a 7 or 8 inchh yoou know your good and thats probably all info is skewed to make smaller men feel better i feel like killing my self its pathetic really im 22 and so sad.
  • I have 5.7 inch penis, but my brother who is 2 years younger than me has a 7 inch penis. Why?
  • Its not the fact that its considered small its the fact of how you satify your partner. I am 5.5 and yes I believe I am small but you know what. I can do great things with it and my fingers and tounge. So ya your small. Who cares. I have been with a few girls and 3 of them I know for a fact I was the smallest they ever had and the best they ever had. Think about that.
  • NO FOOL! 5 inches is --------------------------------- that long. (the lines)
  • I'm a 24 lad and I have a small penis. I'm always conscious of that it's been a complex all my life. From a young age I lost my confidence in sport, public speech, relationships in general (especially with other men) what bothers me is the girth. I feel so tiny... and then sometimes when I have sex with my partner it can affect my confidence again... it's not pleasant I 'm hopin one day I'll get up... and all I ask is to have a normal penis. it wud change my whole life!
  • my partner has a small penis, and he has been my partner for 16 years, and we have 5 kids. Truthfully? I've never been with a man larger than he, so I don't have any basis for comparison, but I AM VEYR SATISFIED WITH HIM - I often get multiple orgasms. It might sound cliche, but its not the size, but what you do prior to penetration that counts. Also, if you are in missionary position with your partner, add a pillow under her pelvis, that will really rock her least it works for ;)
  • forget about penis size, remember to successful in life thats much more important, so what if sex is not that good for her as long as you enjoy it its good, make it up to her by giving her good stimulations with other parts of your body, if you feel inferior to the big boys train your body hard and strong so at least you can pluck their big boys out and whack their head with it. Get a life in other words, if the girls do not like your penis then forget it and move on, yes, so what if she is that dream girl who is the "if-only-you-had-an-anaconda-she-will-be-in-love with-you-forever" type, those stuff are just porno propaganda, use a dildo or whatever. IT is better you know you can beat up, kill and whoop those who with big sausages in both physique and success that will last you a long long time. Remember you are a male, not a penis, so go get those muscle pumping, if the girls laugh at ya, they dont dersever ya.
  • i have 5 inches penis. (Very small right?) i actually used a ruler to measure ma thing. lol but FYI: Ma thing is VERY HAAAAAAAAAARD! honestly i didn't get insecure because i can perform in bed very well, using the 3 combi. my tongue,finger and my humble but extremely Hard penis for finale. i didn't received any complaints with all the Girls the i've fucked. Confidence + Performance Matter! Peace!
  • who fuckin cares .... i been with like 30 women ... 2 or 3 of them i didnt click with and they bashed my penis size after i told them to get lost ... the rest of them loved me ... 5 of them still call me to this day and i have been married for 10 years ... hmmmmm... i guess most women just want to be with someone fun ..... by the way i only got like 5 and 1/4 .. always felt too small but just liked to have sex with women so i got over it .....
  • I recently turned 15, and I have a 5 inch penis when it's hard. Don't know if that good, but oh well I guess. :)
  • i have a 5 in penis too. sometimes i want bigger one, but i have been with close to 60 women and one guy, we all have gotten off... i guess its doing the job, i think i want it bigger just for the locker room you know??
  • Listen man...this is 100% true ok...Ive been with 8 women and only 2 said that they had a problem with my size(6-6 1/4")...and let me tell you that one was my sons mother who I was with for over 5 years.Needless to say we had a bad break-up and the whole time we were together,she was a nympho.I think she was just really trying to lower my self esteem which she did.My Fiance now wandered for the longest time why I felt the way I did becuse in her eyes Im a "porn-star" lol.Fact of the matter is this,90% of women really dont care what size you are...its more about ur chemistry with that person and ur confidence is a huge factor.Just relax man its really not the end of the world.
  • my boyfriend is 5 inches and he brings me awesome pleasure , he makes me cum hard, and im very happy to say its actually snug and that makes it even more exciting
  • my boyfriend is 5 inches and he is truly amazing in bed, he makes me have multiple orgasms and he hits the right spot and its also a bonus when he is the biggest i have ever been with and i wrap around him very nicely. so 5 inches to some is purely pleasurable
  • No a five inch penis is close to the average size of the human penis. " Wylie and Eardley note that studies of penis size are remarkably consistent. The average erect penis is about 5.5 to 6.2 inches long and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in circumference at midshaft" (Daniel J. DeNoon.) For more information on penis length and girth please read the full Web Md article at:
  • when i was in high school, a corner woman nicknamed me "big dick" after feeling me up one night. In college, the girls thought my penis was big. Back then I never actually measured it maybe b/c I thought I thought it was big enough and pretty thick. But a decade later, I guess I was bored the other day and measured it - only 5 inches long erected. I was very surprised. The girth is around 6.5 inches, but not as long as I thought it was. There was probably other reasons why: 1. It is a lot harder for me to erect nowadays, libido decreased(need viagra?), especially if I am trying to measure myself. 2. I gained some weight, back in my younger days, I was skinny like john holmes. I'm a little disappointed, but oh well. As long as it performs.
  • Size Survey The question was posed on myspace to random girls with a personal belief of them being at least a 7 and up on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the hottest. How question was posed: Hello. I am asking this question to dozens of women between the age of 20 - 30. You are being asked at random, like a Harris poll. Your answer would be appreciated, but if you feel offended or disgusted by sexual questions as this is, I apologize... In your opinion, at what size and down do you consider a mans erection to be considered small? 7" and down 6.5" and down 6" and down 5.5" and down 5" and down 4.5" and down 4" and down etc... (Please don't respond as though you were answering what is small statistically as an average of male penis size. This survey is meant to be opinionated with personal preference.) Thank you much! Be honest! Here were the womens responses: 4" im not a fan of a BIG penis i would have to 4.5" and down 5in 5.5" and down (ALSO SAID: 7" is good for me when hard...soft, i dont care lol) 5.5" and down i would have to say 5.5 and down 5.5 sounds about right. 5.5" 5 1/2 5 in lol hard thats a small one maybe even 6 i like em big 5-6inches anything 6 and under is small to me and girth matters (ALSO SAID: idk like 4 inches hard is small but i like big dicks sorry) 6" and down 6 and down i guess 6.5 6.5 and down 6.5" inch and down I would say 6.5 and down. (ALSO SAID: I would say visually 4.0 and under would look pretty small (that is if it's not awake-lol!:) ) 7" and down honey 7 and down i guess. Less that 7 inches, it jus dont work that good 7" and down
  • Well my penis is 6.o inch. long but for some reason everytime I look at it, it seems smaller. I am a virgin and everytime I get a chance to have sex I turn them down because I don't know what their reaction will be, i'm afraid they'll see it and then not want to have sex. What should I do?
  • No; Five inches is NOT THAT small .... According to Men's health Magazine and the Kinsey Institute of Sexual Studies , the Average male Penis is 5.2 to 5.5 Inches when fully erect .... The above studies were done in 2000 ... Prior to that in 1990 ; studies were done and the average was 6 Inches ... are we getting smaller , guys ?
  • i have a 5 1/2 inch penis and im 16. yet i am completely aright with who i a. women are more bothered about you and what you do in bed, not your size. so stop worrying.
  • No. Im 8 1/2 inches and do the job.
  • Well I don't no how old u are but i just turned 15 and I'm 5.8 inches is that good ?
  • im very deperessed because i have s inch penis. its too small:(
  • wow im 13 years old and have a 5 inch penis you guys are small!!
  • I am 6foot5 I have a 1 inch penis and this forum makes me want to cut it off. you people with 5 inch penises make me sick, how could you complain some girls think I have a big clit but it really is a dick. I sometimes can strtch it to about 1 and a half but that hurts. My balls are huge some times I piss on them, I dont feel wierd in the locker room I just feel like I want to cut eveybody's penis's off so I can be the biggest for once. why is do I have a small penis? why am I so tall? why do girls finger my ass and not touch my dick? I dont get it? can someone help me?
  • I believe that the average is 5.75" long. Which is exactly my size. However I think my thickness is small. I believe it's the penis thickness that counts. The <a href="" title="vagina" style="", class="stronglinks" target="_blank" />vagina</a> is most sensitive near the opening and the further up you go is less sensitive. Therefore the woman may get more pleasure from a thicker penis rather than a longer one. When I say thicker I don't mean monster thickness as that can be painful. Thick enough so the vagina stretches a bit. Ever hear the saying "Needle Dick"? Most women can't tell how long a penis is by just by looking at it so results of the 'size survey' by 'it's true13' may not be a very true indicator of the preferred size. If one penis is thicker than another slightly less longer penis, which one do you think the ladies will go for a length she can't feel or thickness she can feel?

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