• Yes, we had train tracks near our house when I was growing up and we'd have to cross them sometimes. So I'm sure I jumped on them at some point.
  • Yes when I was a kid. it was a very quiet track but stupid just the same.
  • i have walked along balancing on them and i have left a coin or two on the tracks to flatten, i have jumped over the tracks on my bike and ran down the middle of one but i don't remember elevating the tracks to make a ramp and hijack a train to jump them☺
  • The thought of what me and my mates did all those years ago on electric train tracks, scares the crap out of me now. We walked, balanced and threw metal onto the rails and the live rail to see the metal explode. Shudder!!!!
  • we crossed train lines everyday on the way to lunch and back from lunch when i was in highschool. if trains were in the way we'd climb over them. silly i know but you don't realise how fast trains go until one sneaks up on you. never again.
  • A kids,once in a while we would wait at the edge of a train bridge for a train then run across it to see if we could beat the train.
  • I've walked on train tracks and jumped off of train tracks but I have never jumped on train tracks :)
  • I have jumped off train tracks from a train bridge into the Culumbia River.
  • Yes when I was a child I use to jump on and off and try to balance myself on them.
  • As a kid we used to. Also used to put pennies on the traks sometimes. I remember putting my ear to the track to see if I could feel/hear a train coming. Jumping on tracks isn't much fun - they aren't very bouncy!
  • Yes, but not when a train is coming.
  • What do you mean jumped? There were train tracks about 50 yards from my house when I was between 10 years old and when I moved out of my parents house. We played around the tracks and played chicken. One time a train was coming from the wrong direction and 3 of us just jumped off the tracks in time.
  • Yeah, I walk along the train tracks to get to the beach by my house. Sure surfers are always getting hit by the train and that I probably shouldn't, but I like to think of it as survival of the fittest :)

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