• If the hospital allows the family to all be together, why not? He will see his mother in a way he has never seen her before.
  • In the old days, when people lived on farms, it was customary for children to attend the births of animals, but not their own relatives. In today's world, I don't really think it is appropriate, but that family might have handled it correctly.
  • It is entirely dependant upon the child. My oldest daughter was 6 when my youngest daughter was born (c-section). I considered having her in there, but she wasn't capable of seeing beyond the incision. She would have gotten scared that I was going to die. For me, the answer was no. However, I see no reason another child cannot enjoy such an intimate moment if they are able to process it with no emotional distress.
  • You have to put it in the right context for a 6 year old. I would allow a ten year old to view the event, but not the 6 year old. Let the child be in the room up until delivery. You never know what will go wrong.
  • Liberal as I am, I don't exactly know about this. You'd have to base it on the intellect of the child I would guess. One child might be completely scarred for life while another might learn lovingly about the cycle of birth and life. Kinda like bringing a kid to funeral I guess, but even more dramatic.
  • Boy, it might be good for some families, but not when my kids were 6. Oh no, I would never, but Im old now.
  • My 15 year old sister was in the delivery room when my son was born. She was always considered mature for her age, but I thought she was going to lose it! : ) Definately sensory overload. I still pick on her about it and she is 31yrs now!!
  • I think it more suitable for dad to videotape the whole thing...just in case the delivery has a problem.....or mom yells out loud (very distressing for a 6 year old)....or the baby has a problem....lots can go wrong. But then afterwards, as a celebration, mum, dad, 6 year old and any other sibs can cuddle up with new baby and watch the video over and over....that is truly lovely!
  • If you really want to do that, only if the child is aware of wha is really going on. The child will see his primary care giver in a great deal of pain. This might cause some distress for a child has of 6 to see some thing like child birth, may be a little bit to process at that time. all I'm saying is to give the child that option to do so

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