• oh somethin like tht happend wth a flat pannel tv we have, i dont know the exact bits about it but in old tvs if a ceraian pipe or something goes u can replace it but in the flat one u sometimes cant fix, we had sound and no picture but we managed to a get a new thing, aask the people you purchased it from
  • A very common problem with LCD TVs is that the backlight can malfunction, either because the lamp (fluorescent, usually) is burned out, or the inverter that powers it is malfunctioning or burned out. Unfortunately, this isn't something you can repair yourself, and you need to take it into a shop to get it fixed. If it's under warranty still, it should be fixed for free. They should last longer than 18months. I've had an LCD TV for about 4 years.. so far I've had no problems. (crossing my fingers!)
  • In May 2007 I bought a 46-inch Samsung LCD TV from BestBuy. In February of this year, 7-8 months after the 1 year warranty expired, my TV stopped working properly. I can hear sound, but no picture. I work with technology and I am an expert in home theater setup so, I checked for all possible causes, like bad cable connections, etc. No luck. I decided to research the issue on the Internet and very quickly found-out that there are hundreds of other consumers that have experienced the exact same issue with that specific set (LN-T4665F), making it clear that it is a manufacturing defect. On February 24th I called Samsung to arrange service and I was told I would have to pay for it because the set was out-of-warranty. Considering this was clearly a manufacturing defect, I didn't think that was fair and the agent told me to call their escalated costumer service department, or ECR. I called the next morning and, after having to explain the exact same story all over again, was told by an extremely rude agent called Tutson that he wasn't going to transfer my call because "just because I saw it on the Internet it doesn't mean it is true". I continued to ask to be transfered and he continued to say no, in an extremely rude way. I hung-up the phone. To my awe, my cell-phone rings and it is this Tutson gentlemen calling me to scream to me about hanging-up on him. I couldn't believe it. I eventually found the direct number to the ECR department and spoke with a person named Britney who told me there was nothing she could do because they have a procedure. Here are a few links to other people saying they have the same issue: If you're interested in joining me on a class-action lawsuit against Samsung and their awful customer service, send a message to
  • I have the same problem with the Samsung LN-T4665F. After about 18 months of purchase, there is no picture. Seeing the number of complaints on the internet for the same issue and the same model, you have to believe that it is a manufacturing defect. It is unfortunate that a brand-name company like Samsung is not willing to fix the problem.
  • I have the exact same issue. My Samsung is about 14 months old. It first happened a month ago. I turned it on and off a few times but no picture. Frustrated, I left the TV off and left the house for a while. When i returned hours later it worked. Of course today i'm having the same issue again. Confused in SC......
  • Hi, I have a samsung LN-T4665F for almost 4 years now. Thankfully I have never faced any trouble with the TV, the display, sounds or anything for that matter. I suggest you log on to :

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