• Yeah, that is a good idea, i dont know why AB hasnt done it yet lol,.
  • In some cases, yes... I've seen quite a few comments that explain answers and stances that SHOULD be rated up. But in MOST others, no. My reasoning? Because people discuss the question and answer, and in many cases, simply the discussion goes off on tangents, with conversations that have little to nothing to do with the Q/A. IF points for comments were allowed, it would be even more of a "popularity contest" than any question and answer points ever were or are. It would give trolls even MORE of a chance to drive people crazy with downrates. Neither we, not staff, want that. No... I think things are fine the way they are.
  • Points for comments could be good or bad depending on how it was set up!
  • It has been suggested before I think it could be fun but would detract from the questions and it would need an incredible amount of time and reading. There would be a lot of DRs too.
  • Na, 2 reasons. People often get in unrelated converations, its how you get to know people. Comments are a great way to express yourslef without worrying about points.
  • Yes, there are times when much of the conversation takes place in the comments instead of the answers. I guess if the really want points they should move out of the comments.
  • i think yes.....some of the best stuff i've read comes in the comment sections!!! i'd also like to be able to see who gives me positive and negative points if anyone important is reading this .....hahahaha
  • No, I think that would be too much, in a conversation, to rate every comment, some get to be extremely long. Someone could simply say "your welcome" and get down rated, I think that is a bad idea.
  • No, I think this board has enough of a software load with its current point setup as it is. Also, I think having the rating option embedded in every comment would make the comment threads too cluttered for facile reading. In order to have the rating options large enough to use, you'd probably have to increase the minimum size of the comment field. As a result of that they'd probably be harder to distinguish from the answers. I'd rather see the edit time limit for comments increased to at least 5 minutes.
  • I wouldn't. I have had convertions in the commet section that had nothing to do with the quetion. I know it is not suppose to be all about the points but we would have got a lot of DRs for it.
  • No. Even though occasionally a really sweet comment should be rewarded in some way, it's just not a good idea because it's really a place where people should feel free to just talk openly, with no threat of DRing or perk of points. They should just talk from their heart and funny bone. It's a place to be 'chatty' with friends and some people may not like that and could DR people. You can't just have Uprates, it comes with the other, too.
  • It would give trolls too much opportunity to troll, and give us no place to talk without being worried for DRs.
  • 5-16-2017 No. The down vote option always ALWAYS turns into a "DISAGREE" button. If posting privileges get limited by down votes, it is equivalent to a drive-by shooting.
  • I recently asked the same question thinking it would be a good idea. After reading some answers here i see the benefit of Not having comments with point button.

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