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  • If you are old enough to menstruate, then yes, you could get pregnant without losing your maidenhead (that means your hymen, or cherry). If he came on you, or between your thighs, or even rubbed his dick on the outside of your cunt, sperm cells could get inside you. If you have been menstruating (bleeding monthly)and you have missed a period, it could be a sign of pregnancy. You need to see a doctor or a Planned Parenthood clinic. You would need your mother's consent for that. Or just buy a pregnancy test at the drugstore. They cost less than $10, and you don't need to ask your mother. Your best bet is not to have any kind of sex, even if he doesn't put his prick in you, no playing around or "dry humping," or fingering you, or anything like that until you're old enough to raise a baby.
  • Not by me. No chance.. lol.

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