• Maybe the keyboard is out of range from the transmitter.
  • dis is nt an answer its da additional info given relatin to my question.....i hv the legitech cordless rechargable keyboard and mouse n both were perfectly workin till wednesday but suddenly when i came bk from skool on thursday da keyboard didnt work i hv tried to replag ol da components, reinstalled da software, tried new duracell batteries in it bt it stil doesn't work plz help me im hvin a hardtime without it n i hv to do a coursework n its due on monday plz help me plz btw da mouse is workin perfectly n im usin da on-screen keyboard 2 ri8 dis down here n its reli hard to it n taks ages plz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i dont even kno wot happened to da keyboard suddenly. da keyboard properties say da device is workin properly n n i hv also trid changin da usb ports bt nuthin is workin.....i dont even wots wrong wid it.....plz can sum1 help me wid dis plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • First off - Welcome to answerbag. . Next - even though this is an informal site, effort into spelling and grammar is appreciated. . Wireless devices often have different frequency's they can work on. Perhaps the receiver and keyboard can switch between an 'a' and 'b' frequency, or something like that. It will probably need to be a different one to your mouse, too. . Maybe try another USB port? . Do any lights flash, etc on the keyboard? (if you hit caps lock does the little light come on) . Randomly 'sometimes' I find a scan-disk or defrag helps fix my keyboard... illogical, but cant hurt. Do you know how to do these? . Good Luck

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