• A tent,an RV is too much like being at home.
  • I did both, and a tent is nice you can go places where a RV can't. I have also spent two weeks on a jungle warfare training course, spent two weeks in the Philippine jungles with only what i could sucked but, non the less I am here.
  • I can only afford a tent, never been in an RV.
  • ... tent ... If you can not carry it as you walk into the wilderness, then it is not camping ... .
  • I like both, and sometimes still camp in a tent when we have our RV. Our RV is really little, just 18' long so it feels like a big van, even though it is a motorhome. But it's great to have all our things stored well and we can shower, cook great meals and be nice and dry or warm in all four seasons. So I'd say, camping in an RV and backpacking in a tent, best of both worlds.

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