• My experience is that it does not. Every man I've been with said they can feel it, however it wasn't anything special. There really isn't no diffrence. It could be that I don't know how to use it. But it is fun to lick an ice cream cone and see the inprint of the ball! lol
  • It's probably a personal preference, but I honestly don't notice anything above and beyond; frankly it was a pretty big let down.
  • I don't just think.
  • Emphatic no. For both parties.
  • My boyfriend absolutely LOVES mine. I know some guy's don't like the idea, but it differs from person to person, obviously. I've never experienced it myself though.
  • Haha I agree with the ice cream part. And honestly... it does matter if you know how to use it. I'm not going to pretend to be prude, I've been told that it does make a difference, and that I "Know how to use it". But if a guy is turned off by the idea, it's not going to do anything for him.
  • it really depends on how senstitive the person is to touch i think. my girlfriend loves my tongue piercing but that just her, someone else might think it a complete turn off
  • When I got my tongue pierced, my boyfriend at the time loved the change. My current boyfriend is crazy about it. So yes, in my experience, it does. You just have to learn how to use it! It's more pleasurable for him, but also for me, I love to play with it.
  • I'm sure it varies from person to person, but I have not noticed any actual difference. The idea sounds exciting at first, but in the end it's just someone moving a shiny piece of festering germ saturated metal on my penis.
  • Not for me.
  • Nope, its a prop and if you need it then your not good enough to please someone by yourself.
  • I don't think so. I heard ice is pretty cool though...
  • heyy just wanted to let you all know that i have a boyfriend with his done and he was licking me out the other day and it felt so good i literally orgasimed 5 times in under 2 minutes swear to god :) Love ya bitches :)
  • Actually it does make a difference. Mostly though when the tongue is on the underside of the cock, e.g. the guy is lay on his back with the girl sat inbetween the legs looking up at him. That way the ball presses on the frenulum which is the sensitive area under the glans (head/bellend) full of nerve endings. When it's pressed onto this and the underside of the shaft during the regular sucking movements, the speed at which orgasm is achieved increases as does the overall intensity of the orgasm. Funnily enough, thumbrings work in a similar way during a handjob.
  • If that is you (rolando88) that is down rating everyone for giving an answer you don't agree with when you are the person that asked for their opinion in the first place, I just want you to know that is not the point of Answerbag. And by the way, this question belongs in the adult section.There are young teenagers on this site.
  • I'd love to find out.
  • 100% Yes! Every girl i have been with since i've had my tongue pierced has loved it. ;-P

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