• I'd say fairly proficient. I'm not computer illiterate, but I'm not into programming or anything like that. I can run most programs without a problem and do spend a great deal of time on my computer.
  • Eeh...I can get around. :)
  • Using? Quite proficient. I can't program much though as I am more of a hardware g33k.
  • I can use pretty much anything made for the standard user, and some things that aren't (such as Lightwave), but I can't write software to save my life.
  • not as proficient as i could be at some certain titles if only they would pay attention to my few of too many suggestions!
  • I'm a "geek of all trades" I can use just about any software put in front of me. Especially POS (Point Of Sale) or cash register systems. I've worked with so many different ones over the last decade, I can make them dance.
  • ... very ... I am a computer programmer and systems analyst with a Ph.D. in Math and a background in military telecommunications ...

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