• hi,same's not the size of the magicians wand it's the tricks he can do with it..regards..tessa5
  • it realyl doesnt matter how big or small u are as long as u kno what ur doing
  • mens breasts do not tend to be too big. unless they are big fat men, then they have manly breasts.
  • I don't think size matters very much. What does matter is the guy attached to it.
  • It doesn't bother me... So long as he knows what he's doing...
  • Although I mostly agree that it's the skill of a guy that matters most, I am more interested in a guy with a huge cock. Sry. (Please don't DR - you wanted an honest opinion ...)
  • I LIKE sizable penises--I won't lie--but, what really matters is that he knows how to USE it! I'd rather date a guy who can SCREW THE SH+T OUT OF ME, AND use his mouth once in a while, too, than one that's just there "for show." And trust me, there are lots of well-endowed men out there who think that all they need to do it "wave it around" for showing off's sake, and then stick it in with no additional effort...! What good is that? An human dildo? I can BUY ONE LARGER for $20. Useless. Give me a man who knows how to use it, regardless of size!
  • From what I learned women don't want the S.S. Minnow but they don't want the Titanic either (at least normally not more than once) just make sure you make some waves! *I am also am not a breast man( glad to know I'm not completely alone...Lol!)
  • I think most men care a LOT more about breast size (you seem to be the exception) than women care about penis size.
  • It's not the size of the's the motion of the ocean
  • i care. a lot. I dont know why though i just do.
  • A woman doesn't have to have big breasts, to be good in bed. That being said, I care if he's too small. If you're too small to wear a regular-size condom, that's just too damn small for me.
  • Women don't usually notice the size of a man's breasts at all unless they are particularly large.
  • er wha height or dick size lol i prefer the average size. not to big not to small.
  • It didn't matter to me as I married my fella before I ever saw it:-)
  • It's not how deep you fish, its the way you wiggle your worm. Its not the size of the nail, its the way you hammer it in
  • You can't compare the two. The breast don't go anywhere, and give us any amount of physical pleasure. A penis, however, does go inside a woman, and if it's not big enough, no matter HOW good the motion is, it can never fully satisfy.
  • Well, too big just plain HURTS! And too small, you just can't feel enough... (I feel like Goldilocks, but I'm not going to tell you what I think is 'Just right'!) No, really, as long as the guy cares enough to get the woman off, whether orally or manually, then I don't think the size matters TOO terribly much, unless, as was previously stated, it's too small to even put a condom on it. (And I am sorry if that's the case...) You'd just have to work harder! (No punn intended!)

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