• Iron Man was pretty good but I haven't seen the Hulk yet.
  • iron man!
  • Movie or actual Marvel Hero? Movie I wanna say Iron Man. Heroes: Normal Iron Man would lose if Hulk was really pissed. Hulk Buster Iron Man would kick the Hulk's butt in no time.
  • The hulk hands down. Biology is far more fail proof. At least at the end of the most recent movie I think it is implied that Bruce Banner has attained control of the "problem". I could be wrong.
  • The Hulk would easily clobbered Iron Man with just one finger.
  • definitly iron man if he had his better arc reactor but with is lower reacter he would loose but iron man IS with the high power reacter so definitly iron man i mean hello SMART, IRON, RICH, DID I MINTION SMART, iron man

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