• i don't think they are angel wings per say but i do have 2 weird hairs, one on each shoulder, they grow to be about 3 inches long and the rest of the hairs are just fuzzy... lately i have been feeling watched too! when i was watching George Carlin the other night it was like i knew everything he was going to say before he said it, really freaked me out some!
  • yep:) i feel like im being watched over:) i certainly don't have angel wings though:)
  • Yes I always feel like I have wings, not sure if they are angel wings but wings none the less. If I sit against a chair backing I feel really uncomfortable, its weird. I just googled per fact and came to this page to seek for answers.. maybe its just psychological though. As for being watched I used to feel that quite a lot as a kid, at times by a negative and at times by a positive presence. Happens rarely now that I'm older though.
  • Yes, I feel I'm being watched by the growing amount of CCTV (Big Brother) things going on. As for angel wings, I wished.
  • Ha ha...No! I don't even feel like I have a jet pack on my ass much less 'angel' wings on my back
  • I have worn out over 20 sets of "guardian angels" in my lifetime so far. The attrition rate is horrendous! Heh!
  • Someone wear sunglasses. I feel they watch me sometimes.
  • sometimes
  • the only thing I feel on my back is my tombstones shadow. & its there day & night, in the bright light of day & the pitch black of a moonless night.
  • somebody up there loves me i feel at times yes

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