• ( The cost of living is very different city by city across the globe. The answer to your question depends on where you intend to live -- what nation, what city? Check the link above for an overview of the cost of living in various cities across the globe.
  • Assuming you are and plan to remain in the US, I would imagine that to be more than enough unless you insist on moving into a ritzy place and/or one RIGHT downtown in a major metropolis. My wife and I are looking at a cross-country move and, as we plan to travel light, we are estimating closer to $3,000 for moving expenses, rent and security on a decent place in the 'burbs, and enough left over to live on for a short time while we search for jobs. If two people can do it for $3000 then you should be more than fine with $9000, assuming you find a job within six months of moving and don't squander your money on partying and toys. Hell, for that much you could get yourself a decent used car when you get where you're going if you move someplace without public transportation! If you have that much, you can move out tonight if you pack the truck quietly enough. Been there, done that.
  • you couldve moved out a long time ago with that kind of money

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