• 8-29-2017 Get vitamin C crystals. You can use crushed pills, but they don't work as well as pure crystals. Mix with water and spray the burned area as often as you want to.
  • Home remedies for sunburn: • Add baking soda in cold water and take a bath. • Apply some Cool Aloevera gel to affected area directly. • Try Cold Compress. • Apply yogurt. • Apply honey. • Lemon juice, rose water, and cucumber pack. You have to take care of your skin. Apply a good sunscreen over SPF50 for preventing sunburn.
  • Ohhh I feel for you. I am as light skinned as can be and have sunburned terribly at times (when younger) although I am "wiser" now and avoid the sun or use block. Not much you can do. aloe, a cool bath and aspirin.
  • you'll probably have to wait it out

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