• Never had anything lower than a C
  • oh its gonna be ok so u f'd up now pick urself up and make it better!
  • I never got an F, but I did get a D in college which pissed me off. The professor said I reminded him of his ex-wife. I knew I was in trouble at that moment!
  • I got an F grade in middle school or highschool. I think I got like 16% on a math test haha.
  • I don't remember when I got my first F, but I do remember that I couldn't have cared less and many more followed. I now make way more then the teachers who gave those F's, and told me that I'd become a bum on the street if I don't know when Shakespear was born. I still don't know the date, and live in a house I pay with money I get for doing a job I absolutely love to do and applying hardly a thing they taught me in school. HA!
  • I failed Spanish in sixth grade, and that was the first time I ever failed a class. I actually got an F on a test....long before that. It wasn't so bad though. When I failed Spanish class, my father was actually pleased enough with my other grades not to care.
  • It came in the tenth grade. Got to go to summer school that year!
  • I never failed a class. I did fail a few tests (though I was in good company with more than half the class generally) in college. I had a prof nicknamed Dean the Flunking Machine for a few classes... and he ended up asking me to grade for him even after I'd failed tests of his. I guess he regards failing things as normal.
  • yeah i got one for my GCSE maths when i was 16
  • i never failed anything yet...academically that is. oh man the thought of getting an F makes me feel sick in the stomach. but just as i soared in academics, my social life went straight to hell. i'm pretty good now though.
  • I never had one until my first year of college. I got cocky and thought I didn't have to study for tests. And there were only two tests. I was stupid the first time and I was a complete idiot the second time. I basically stayed up all night before the second one. Yeah. I'm wayyyy better now. lol.

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