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  • I LOVE THE WAY IT FEELS!!! It feels intense, but in a good way. Youll sometimes feel a little presure, but it still feels good. And by the way alot of girls have anal sex!
  • I've done it an equal amount as vaginal, and I think it's great!
  • No, haven't done it. It might be okay if the guy wasn't too well endowed but it could also be embarrassing.
  • I do it. I love the way it feels and the climaxes are better for me this way too. Embarrassing? Yes it is... sometimes very embarrassing but the pleasure is worth it.
    • officegirl
      A former correspondent on the old AB, Jennifer taught me a lot about it when I was learning.
  • my wife loves it.she practically begs me to fuck her in the ass.
  • My gf loves it when we are having particularly animalistic sex and we are being very primal. Then I will mount her from behind doggie style and hump her with my body leaning into her's. Sometimes I put my dick in her pussy - but every now and then I will mix it up and put my dick in her ass. She goes absolutely crazy. She loves it and will moan and even scream and cry. She does not like it all the time, but when the mood is right...
  • Yes to both. Though I never learned to like it until about eight years ago and took some patience and care on the part of a few men to get me there. If they start gently and go slowly at first then I relax and open up if they keep on I do orgasm and often a lot stronger than in vaginal. DP is the greatest way and sends me just moaning and coming like crazy but have been in very few situations to enjoy that in the last couple of years.
  • I've done it once or twice.
  • I hate it. Never really enjoyed it.
  • I have. It's OK.

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