• I could write a book on this subject. I'll try to contain it to a paragraph or two, though. Computers have drastically affected society in NUMEROUS ways. One major change has been in the business world. The efficiency of complicated computations has been greatly increased. Managing finances has been made easier. Information is available more quickly. Scientific data can be processed a lot more rapidly. The American society is now largely dependent on computers; it is a multi-billion dollar industry that has created thousands of jobs and removed thousands of other jobs. Everything now-a-days has a computer or microcontroller in it. If an airport's computers crash, the airport can no longer function. There are countless examples of societal dependence on computers. The art world has been turned upside-down. The entertainment world has been completely altered. For more information, I am sure that any decent library has many books regarding this subject.
  • Sounds like someone asking for help with their homework. Did you not pay attention during class?
  • Looking on the dark side of computers, my wife states computers are the devil. her comments are based on viruses, hackers, and the families that are effected, because of pornagraphy. also, the theft of peoples identification for their own personal use. People have come to depend on computers for just about everything. once a computer goes down, people panic. information is not accessible or lost altogether. We live in the information and electronic age.
  • They improve record keeping. They have advanced medicine. Many machines used in medicine would not be possible without computers. Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one such machine. They allow for complex mathematics which no one human could calculate in a life time. They allow world wide communication almost instantly. They allow the possibility of world destruction in a matter of minutes. They allow satellites for weather tracking and spying. They control traffic patterns on land and in the air as well as the waterways. They allow automation of factories. They allow an increase of knowledge for all of mankind. They open up business opportunities on the Internet for people who might never have been able to have their own business. The allow assisted breaking in cars and automatically inflated air bags. They control inventory. The assist law enforcement. They track earthquakes and volcanoes. They provide entertainment
  • Before, computers and internet you had to sit down and hand write letters and now you can just connect to the internet write the letter and press “send”. This leaves no memory of what some one wrote to you compared to letters which you can refer to any time. Although it is easier to just type it and press “send”, rather than sitting down and writing a letter then going to the post office and sending it, it has also taken away a lot of the personal form of a letter. Before computers school-age children did all of their homework by hand writing it, now most of it is done by typing or using the internet. This has affected people’s penmanship because you can just type your essays, reports, assignments, etc. It has also affected the way that children learn because they just usually complete assignments quickly by looking them up on the internet and typing them into a document instead of having to go to a library or similar places to find information and having to write it out and learning it as they write it and look over it. Instead, with computers they can just spell/grammar check it and then print it out or e-mail it to the teacher. Computers have also caused too much unemployment mostly due to the fact that bosses or managers are replacing people with computers. This leaves a lot of people unemployed.

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