• Sure. You can use whatever gets you the effect you are looking for. It isn't always easy to clean your brushes up after switching between mediums but it is your choice to do it or not. I don't like the brushes specified for acrylic and use whatever works. Sometimes house painting brushes, pin striping brushes, sticks, q-tips, etc.
  • A good quality brush can be used for either one.
  • natural bristle brushes don't do well in water soluble paints. but artificial bristles are fine in oil based paints and water soluble. in other words, oil brushes in oil paint only, acrylic brushes in anything. the reason why is the natural bristle brushes are hair, and when hair gets wet then dries it gets a bit frizzy, right? well, with your hair that's not too hard to fix, but not so easy on a paint brush. so unless you don't mind a frizzy brush (which can make cool effects by the way lol!) only use those with oil paints ;)

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