• You should first identify what cateogory of immigrant you will be for the basis you are immigrating to the USA. Check the US goverment's website in the country you are in for the categories. You will need an immigrant visa of some kind to be able to live and work in the USA. If you then contact the US embassy in your country (probably via their website) they will then guide you as to the application process and provide you with the necessary forms etc. I went through this process and apart from waiting and not knowing when this or that will happen, plus answering a lot of quesitons and a medical examination, the process was not as daunting as you might imagine. There are a lot of people wanting to move to the USA, so this must be taken into account. Before you have a visa, I suggest you take a holiday to the USA and visit a few places where you think you might like to live. You can do a lot online such as looking up property for rent/sale in the areas you're interested in, plus look at the local paper's websites which will all have a classified jobs/homes listings and which will give you an idea about what to expect from these. Once you have your visa, you have upto 6 months to leave for the US or the visa will expire. If this happens, you then have to re-apply and pay the fees again, although the process is much simpler if the documents you submitted during the initial process are within 12 months of when they were issued. Good luck!
  • First, you need to apply for a Visa. I'm not sure which one, and how you do it- I would suggest searching online for that info. Then I would search for a job, in the field you want in the area you want. Once you have a job prospect, I would then try to find a place to live, once you know where you will be working. Often you can find apartments for cheap, or can rent a room from someone who owns a house. I would also search for that online. Good luck!
  • First get a visa & if you don't speak the language which is ENGLISH,learn it before coming here
  • can i move if i have a criminal record in england

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