• I print them out and some I place on disk.
  • Load all of them, print out the very best.
  • I put the best on facebook! total,I probably take over 500 pictures in an average week, at least. I LOVE it!
  • I print out only the ones I want to share or put into a frame or album. :) The rest I keep on the computer, dvd, or cd's.
  • I store them on my computer and get them printed when i have a disc full of the ones i want printed, unless it's a really special photo which i get printed asap :)
  • A bit of both.....When I have some that I plan on keeping. I'll most likely put them on disc. And if I want to print out one say to use as a Birthday card I'll just take the disc and bring up the photo needed & maybe add to it with one of the many different programs I have here on these P.C.'s.......Plus I use many of the family photos & my job sites as a screen saver with the Google program..........................M.C.S.
  • have some on PC, alot on the external drive, all saved to disc and some on a jumpdrive

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