• Give her.... a beautiful dress so she thinks that she is younger. it worked for me ^.^
  • A breadmachine and a good breadmachine cookbook.
  • I say give her a gift certificate for a painting class. I gave my mom that last year & she loved it! I gave the same thing to my nephew (her grandson) so they could go together which worked out great. They both loved it.
  • One thing that old people really appreciate is an assurance that you are always around to take care of her/his needs when she/he needs it most.If you can give this to her this chrismas, there's nothing like it. You can also get her a Fur Coat for the winters!!
  • i always get my mom nice clothing. usually shirts. something that means you put some thought into it. nothing quick and cheap.
  • maybe you can go to the petstore and get her a nice puppy, she'll love that and so will you

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