• assuming that all atheist ask for proof that god an atheist but i dont ask for proof because of course it wont be provided and if such were so it might be big enough to put in a newspaper or maybe on tv unless it was founded and kept underground by a brain trust of some sort.. i meditate and am spiritual though i dont believe in this christ stuff and this if i sin i go to hell shit... but a fool one is to not treat his/her own life here in flesh and mind as a precious chance to induce merkaba. hmmm.. probably didnt say it tired..
  • i believe they may be... i never asked much about religion when i was an atheist because all my life it was crammed down my throat on Christmas, easter, visiting grandma etc. but now i am researching all religions and finding remarkable resemblances to experiences i have had!
  • We ask to try and understand why believers believe.
  • I have never asked for proof, but I do find that most people that believe want to try to give me some.
  • Given the sarcastic nature of most such questions, I always assumed they think they can shut us up or make us look foolish by making such a demand. Which is why I've taken to saying that only a fool would demand physical proof of a spiritual Being.
  • 1) Because we know you haven't got any, and it worries us that you don't need any. 2) No. We are seeking intelligent life.
  • Even though i dont believe in god myself i respect other people that do,i have never asked anyone to proove the existance of god.
  • The reason I ask for evidence (rather than "proof", strictly speaking) is this: The god folk make statements that sound like fact. "Oh no, god is like this, or like that, or demands this, or that..." They will state that we should change our behaviour because "god says so" as if it is just so obviously a fact. Problem is, there are SO many gods (literally several hundred thousand) giving people different advice - and even the same judeo-christian one seems to give advice to one person that deeply conflicts with the advice he gives another. So. The only way to establish which god (or collection of gods) is the real one and which interpretation of what advice is the accurate one - something besides "it's in the bible" or "'cause god said it and I believe it so that settles it" is needed. That's the way it works in every other field of human endeavour. That fact that no-one ever comes up with that clear, objective evidence just confirms my suspicions that whatever god they're referring to is a complex product of human imagination rather than a real, extant being.
  • If an atheist asks this it is usually in response to a believer telling an atheist how to live his/her life.
  • I only ask that when someone says I should believe in God, accept God, read about God. It is always in response to someone else raising the subject first.
  • No; if I was seeking God I'd seek him on my own instead of asking beleivers who, while faithful and devout and quite lovely people, are not God and will likely have wildly contrasting definitions of him in any case. Usually the old "Prove it!" is an admittedly feeble attempt to get folk off my back (I keep hoping that they'll step back, gasp, and say "Oh, dear! It appears I can't prove anything I've been telling you at all! Perhaps I had better stop trying to convert you to something I can't prove to be true..." And voila! roughly thirty-seven seconds of peace until the next religious person finds out about the heathen in their midst and decides to go converting. A girl can dream, right?).
  • No, not really. We're trying to make you come to your senses and see the delusion and the spell you're living under
  • Clever question, I like it. . However, the reason is most likely because so many religious folks keep doing stuff like sending missionaries to where they are not wanted, trying to turn their beliefs into everyone's laws, and teach their mythology to all our kids. . That makes questioning the existence of god a fair question for the public forum and it's up to those claiming he does exist to come up with evidence. . If religion were a purely private matter (something only religious people have the power to accomplish) then I'm quite certain the vast majority of atheists would be happy to stop asking for evidence. . +5
  • I speak only for myself, but I will cite two reasons: 1) I seek knowledge. I do not believe there is a god, so I want to know if I am wrong. 2) "Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."-Voltaire I believe it is dangerous to believe in things without proof. If you will believe what a man without proof says about the purpose of life, what else will you believe?
  • I'd think most atheists are trying in vein to get theists to think. Hopeless romantics, I say.
  • no god cannot ask for god how the f..k can you believe?
  • Bwaaa haaa...Ok, I'm gonna give you credit for, at least, rephrasing the question and giving a new spint to the old argument of 'Atheists are always talking about god; that means they're closet believers/looking for god/wanna believe/believe but in denial/wanna be cool by saying their atheists; therefore god exists.' So, I ask you, is there anything in the world that to y'all self-professed Christians ain't proof that god exists?

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