• I like going to where the locals's a lot more fun and you don't feel like a stranger there. Plus you end up finding better bargains.
  • I go to both. Even if I have been to tourist places, sometimes my travel companions haven't, and I don't want to spoil it for them. I mean, I have seen the Mona Lisa, but, if I went back to Paris, I would still go and see it.
  • The last time we traveled it was to see family near Saratoga Springs, NY and in La Malbaie, Quebec. We didn't do any tourista in NY but we did go to a gorgeous casino in Quebec. :p Other than the Quebec incident, I've almost always gone to other places.
  • I do both...usally the "touristy" spots are highlights of an area and there is good reason why they are popular. I also like to explore areas not generally seen but usually do that with a local restaurants, shopping, beaches, etc./
  • I go to the local places, and I avoid touristy places as much as possible. Anywhere touristy is overpriced and full of drunken yobbos. I prefer to blend in with the native people as much as possible.
  • I usually make a new friend over the net that lives near the place I desire to go and learn the real nice places to go.
  • I usually prefer "non-tourist" spots, but I go to both.

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