• Well, they make Doggy Breath mints now. Or, you can brush his teeth. Your local pet store will have everything you need.
  • This sounds silly but if you put just a tiny dab of listerine in their water bowl it does miracles. Vet says it's ok in small amounts, not worse then tooth paste. It really does help, if your dog is older his teeth may be rotting out and that could be why his breath stinks, maybe he needs a doggie dental check up?;~}
  • Kdmichaels has the right idea. Brushing the dog's teeth really goes a long way in ridding one's self of horrid halitosis :)
  • Brush it's teeth
  • Get the dog some raw bones to chew on. They help keep down the tartar.
  • i give him those dental bones once in a while but his breath is not that bad usually
  • Get a toothbrush.
  • maybe by changing the food because bad breath comes from the gut
  • Feed him doggie biscuits made with charcoal:-)
  • toothbrush! seriously... why would i let my dog kiss me hahaha it really works ^^
  • listerine, works all the time! ;-)
  • yip yaps doggy breath mints
  • Inspect the teeth to see if there is tartar and plaque. Rub your finger on the outside if his molars and smell your finger, see if that is the bad smell. Sometimes the bad smell comes from the digestive trackt and so won't be the same as the smell on your finger (probably will get you brushing as well). If there is a lot of tartar and bad teeth, dogs get parodontosis and caries, get a vet to cleane the teeth. Best is if you establish a routine of brushing your dogs teeth daily before you get them cleaned.
  • use baking soda
  • Brush it's teeth yo...
  • Give him a tic-tac.
  • A new set of doggie dentures will do the trick.
  • Milk bones will do the trick
  • Brushing your dogs teeth wont help to prevent bad breath.The problem is in the digestive system.If your dog eats a lot of can food thats what it causes. Ensure your dog has plenty excercise to improve elimination of wastes.Add suplement like charcoal, can be use in a form of yogurt..,vitamin C,vitamin can feed tablets after dog had his meal... Add chopped parsley,peppermint..into your dog food...
  • Take it to the dog doc.I'm sure mint won't work.
  • Ensure his teeth are brushed daily and make him chew gum ....pets !!!!!!darn them
  • You can go to a local pet store like ,Petco, and buy dog toothpaste. You can also try giving it treats that help bad breath.
  • You can get treats that help and give them bones. You could also trying brushing their teeth.
  • I'm 50 and have had dogs all my life and have never smelled bad breath on one yet. If you don';t like their breath don't have a dog. Seems simple enough.. In other words, don't mess with mother nature. ;)
  • I'd reduce the meat intake, incorporate more vegetables, and brush the teeth and tongue. I'd also give him dry dog food. Or alternate anyway. I have a small pomeranian. She hates to get her teeth brushed. Especially when I pass over her tongue. But you have to stick with it.
  • Old post, but likely to occur most with dogs that are fed Kibble and other commercial feeds. Do a little research...YOU WILL BE AMAZED! To actually FIX this problem instead of all of the Band-Aids offered here.... Consider a SPECIES APPROPRIATE Raw Meats/Organs/Bones diet. Not only is this what your dog is designed to eat and digest...but gnawing on raw meats cleans the teeth beautifully...not so much the bones...but the MEAT!

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