• At the time I had mine done a few years ago, my under arms cost about $1,200.00. You will have to have more that one procedure also. Some doctors charge by the hour and some charge by the area. My chin and upper lip were $600.00 for each appointment. The most important thing is to see a licensed and certified Derm. Dr. The best patients are fair skinned and dark haired. I'm very fair and have black hair. That made me the perfect candidate. Good luck (am a woman in U.S.)
  • My wife does it for a dr here in New York, business is bad right now, she is giving away underarms for $550 for all the treatments, it includes all treatments to fully get rid of it. She is licensed and works in a Doctors office, she is amazing and been doing it for a long time, if you happen to be around the NY area, email me for info,

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